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ClimateGate - global warming hoax

Some of the world’s leading climate scientists have been embarrassed by the publication of hundreds of private emails & research documents, stolen by compute…
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33 Responses to “ClimateGate – global warming hoax”

  1. Nightworld115 Says:

    I don’t see the email, what the news station is called, any other news, and
    any proof how global warming COULD be real. Plus, tidal waves are not going
    to be increased by Global warming.

  2. Rod Martin, Jr. Says:

    With the right cherry-picked data, you might be able to prove anything.
    With massaged, cherry-picked data, you can definitely prove anything.

    You may as well not use real data at all. Like Bush and his WMDs. Once a
    corrupt government, like that of America, is in Iraq, good luck trying to
    get it to leave (it hasn’t). And apologize for their mistake? It was no
    mistake. It was all planned before 9/11. The same could be said for this
    Anthropogenic Global Warming Hoax. Juicy Carbon Tax, $Trillions. How else
    can the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and their ilk bilk us out of another few

  3. Todd Vines Says:

    Global warming would not increase tidal waves.

  4. macinz1230 Says:

    I like how you called people who dont believe in this shit denialists
    (denialist sounds so professional) With your 97% claim, are you referring
    to Cook’s bunk study about 11994 papers on AGW (32.6% of which endorse AGW,
    66.4% with NO POSITION on AGW, 0.7% which rejected AGW and 0.3% uncertain)?
    Or are you referring to the bullshit online survey from the uni of Illinois
    back in 2009? Either way your 97% is woefully biased. Go look it up on WUWT.

  5. ge556 Says:

    So I should believe the denialist misinformation campaign, instead of
    actual scientists with actual data? Why? You know that many things the
    denialists say have been proven false or misleading.

  6. BCT071 Says:

    Your desperation is palpable. No more please. Silly Texan.

  7. Kikastrosh Says:

    If you pay me, I will even believe in the Virgin birth… You throw a few
    million around, and scientists start believing!!!

  8. ge556 Says:

    ‘There isn’t one single false claim in the fact based Documentary “The
    Great Global Warming Swindle”.’ Since almost everything you say is false,
    that endorsement says something. Maybe you should go back to the one true
    thing that you know.

  9. BCT071 Says:

    Your opinion is incorrect. Humans are responsible for the extra greenhouse
    gases the natural world wouldn’t normally emit. Data clearly shows a rise
    in CO2 concentration directly connected to human activity since the early
    1900s. A basic understanding of the greenhouse effect,combined with the
    fact that a rise in greenhouse gases will increase the greenhouse effect’s
    intensity completely demolishes any notion that we’re not playing a role in
    the change in climate happening now.

  10. Edmund Williams Says:

    you are clearly one scientifically illiterate retard. The sun’s output is
    measured by examining the entire spectral output of the sun, and the sun’s
    output has more than doubled during the 20th century. Sun Spots are
    magnetic holes into the sun’s interior where it is much hotter by 2000
    times or more. Both the sun spots and solar flares measure in the 20
    million degree range. During the 1990′s the top 15 hottest temperatures
    ever recorded from the sun all happened during that decade.

  11. ge556 Says:

    More delusions from Edmund.

  12. Kikastrosh Says:

    Global warming is such a hoax, when temperatures started to decrease they
    decided to call it climate change… Like this they have the warming and
    the cooling covered, 1 trillion dollars in carbon taxes that´s how much the
    un aka the USA got from the rest of the World.

  13. Edmund Williams Says:

    97% of all climatologist disagree with Man Made Global Warming and its
    mythical threats to man kind and the environment. Historical periods of
    warming in the past has always brought great wealth and prosperity for both
    humans and nature. like the 7000 year period of the Holocene Maximum that
    permitted humans to discover agriculture and civilization.

  14. ge556 Says:

    It’s been called climate change for over 50 years. Everything you know is

  15. Kikastrosh Says:

    Sure sure dude… The moon is made out of cheese too, 1 trillion in carbon
    taxes, they got to make everybody believe what they want… This is the
    coldest year on record since records brgun, is summer and is cold as crap
    here in Europe and around the World. Fudge data, the Germany minister of
    propaganda would be proud!!!

  16. Evan London Says:

    Plants crave electrolytes

  17. ge556 Says:

    What trillion in carbon taxes? Everything you know is wrong.

  18. BCT071 Says:

    No. Sane people are just sick of your insanity. No more please. Stick to
    subjects you can understand.

  19. BCT071 Says:

    We didn’t have all of these expensive coastal cities or 6 billion mouths to
    feed when Greenland was green. You over simplify to the extreme by
    comparing the greenhouse effect on a planet to an actual greenhouse. A
    greenhouse is a small,closed,uniform environment lacking the variation of
    climatic zones and effect variation seen on the global scale.Like your
    arguments,a complete lack of complexity. What was good for Greenland may be
    disasterous for other regions of the planet.

  20. ge556 Says:

    I can imagine why you’d rather attack celebrities than all the scientific
    organizations that disagree with you, such as NASA, NOAA, the International
    Arctic Science Committee, the IPCC, the American Association for the
    Advancement of Science, the Royal Society, the American Geophysical Union,
    the European Federation of Geologists, the American Meteorological Society,
    the European Science Foundation, and lots more. en.wikipedia.

  21. ge556 Says:

    Look at the temperature graph. Temperatures go up, hold steady, go up
    again, hold steady again. climate.nasa. gov/key_indicators#globalTemp
    That’s a rising long-term trend, with short-term variations.

  22. lightenlynx Says:

    There are other facts that put the “man-made climatic change” in check, as
    the carbon rates in example. The greatest carbon emitters in our planet are
    the vulcans, the natural fires, the livung beings (animals AND plants). My
    point is: mankind is NOT responsible for climate change, but yet we should
    abandon oil as MAIN energy source, we should preserve the nature, we should
    be less consumists

  23. Edmund Williams Says:

    At least I’ve got the facts, measured data and observations on my side of
    the argument. All you have are cooked up computer models that don’t even
    simulate water vapor or precipitation. Even Professor Michael mann’s hockey
    stick graph has been the laughing stock of the scientific community since
    2001 when it was completely debunked, but is now the corner stone and
    foundation for man made global warming propaganda.

  24. PrairleDoggedRez Says:

    What is, religion?

  25. BCT071 Says:

    Accurate measurement of solar output has only been available since
    1975.Before then,proxy variables were used as an estimate only. Since
    1975,the sun has shown no overall increase in output,and in fact has shown
    a slight decrease at both the high and low ends of it’s cycle. To debunk
    your latest denialist myth you only need to compare the average global
    temperature graph and solar output graph from 1975 to now. You’re really
    just embarrassing yourself now.

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